R&D Engineer

08 May 2019


‐  Performs basic electronic circuit hardware research, design, prototype and testing (mainly digital MCU circuit)

‐  Documents the design, write basic manual and bring the product to market

‐  Study, research and evaluate new electronic components

‐  Assembles prototype and other components common to product development (soldering, wire wrapping and breadboarding)

‐  Revise current products as needed.

‐  Provides support to the customers as needed

‐  Follows and improves R&D processes




‐  Bachelor's Degree in Electronics/Electrical Engineering or related field

‐  Experience in this field is preferred but not required

‐  Some written and oral English communication skills

‐  Knowledge of modern analog/digital electronic and embedded circuit designs

‐  Familiarize with modern test equipment (oscilloscopes, logic analyzer and etc.)

‐  Familiarize with basic MCU architecture and peripheral (Arduino, PIC, AVR, ARM and etc.)

‐  Familiarize with basic MCU protocols (UART, I2C, SPI and etc)

‐  Ability to write technical documents

‐  Familiarize with CAD software (Altium and Eagle PCB)

‐  Some experience with Embedded IDE

‐  Creative thinking for new product idea

‐  Ability to learn new skills and assume new responsibilities

‐  Ability to work cooperatively in team environment

‐  Negative drug test result(s)



Job Function : R&D Engineer, Quantity : 2 Position, Location : Bangkok, Salary : Negotiable,  

Employment Type : Full Time, Permanent (Mon ‐ Fri 08.00‐17.00 pm.)

Email : [email protected]